L'Ode - Conservatoire de Vanves

Yo soy la locura


Raquel Andueza  soprano, Pablo Prieto  violin, Manuel Vilas arpa doppia, Pierre Pitzl  baroque guitar, Jesùs Fernández Baena theorbo, David Mayoral percussions


This program is made of not only with Spanish secular music from the XVIIth Century, but also with a sample of scores which contain songs with Spanish texts, all them found in European collections. That can mean two things: the poems in Castilian were inspiring for foreign musicians to write their songs with those texts, and also that the Spanish influence in that period (politique power, displaced people) was so strong that maybe those melodies became so famous that they deserved to be copied and kept in those French, Italian or English collections. Additionally, we bring to light reconstructions from three typical Spanish dances, whose melodies got lost: one seguidillas, one zarabanda and one jácara. In the case of the seguidillas and the saraband, we presume that the scores were destroyed due to their explicit contents (the saraband was prohibited by Royal Law in 1583), but in the case of the jacara we believe that the music was lost, without the need of a censorial hand, probably because all this music was mainly performed due to the oral tradition, without the need of having a music score to be able to play and sing it.

The main feature of the Spanish vocal music is the rhythmical treatment of the text, full of variety and hemiolias. Although the majority of the works are based on a strophic system, we also present the first (and only) example of a Spanish lament imitating the Italian recitativo-style of the XVIIth Century. The instrumental pieces are a good example of the dances of the period, all of them based on bassi ostinati, which got very famous in Europe, above all in Italy.




Raquel Andueza

Born in Pamplona, Raquel has worked regularly with a number of ensembles: Gli Incogniti, B’Rock, L’Arpeggiata, La Tempestad, Al Ayre Español, Orquesta Barroca de Sevilla, El Concierto Español, Private Musicke, La Real Cámara, Hippocampus, Orphénica Lyra, La Colombina, etc. Together with the theorbo player Jesús Fernández Baena she began a duet specialised on the Italian music of the XVII century, and in 2010 both founded their own ensemble, La Galanía.

She currently  sings as a soloist at the main festivals and halls worldwide (Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Brussels, Frankfurt, Utrecht, Prague, Boucarest, Vienna, Mexico City, Naples, Granada, Minneapolis, Rome, Panama City, Vancouver, Bern, Chicago, London, Hong Kong, Moscow, Tokyo, New York, Bogota, Nagoya, etc). In 2012 she made her New Yorker debut at Carnegie Hall and also at the Londoners Proms.

Raquel Andueza has performed with such conductors as Pablo Heras-Casado, William Christie, Fabio Biondi, Emilio Moreno, Jacques Ogg, Monica Huggett, Eduardo López-Banzo, Christina Pluhar, Richard Egarr, Ottavio Dantone, Christian Curnyn, Sir Colin Davis, José Ramón Encinar, etc.

Raquel is regularly invited to teach singing courses at the Teatro Real in Madrid and at the universities of Burgos and Alcalá de Henares.

She also has lend her voice to several movies, shorts and TV series, as “Exodus” (Ridley Scott, 2014), “Carlos” (TVE1, Oriol Ferrer, 2014), “Isabel” (TVE1, Javier Olivares, 2012), “Atraco” (Eduard Cortés, 2012), “Tous les soleils” (Philippe Claudel, 2011) and “Disección de una tormenta” (Julio Soto Gúrpide, 2010). She has, together with La Galanía, put the voice to the perfume Loewe TV advertisement, “Loewe Sport”.

Raquel has made recordings for the labels Virgin Classics, Glossa, K617, NB Musika, Accentus and Zig-Zag Territoires. In 2010 she created her own label, Anima e Corpo, and she released her first disc ‘Yo soy la locura’ in January 2011, which obtained the award “Festclásica 2011”, given by the Spanish Association of Classical Music Festivals. Her following cds with La Galanía, “Alma Mia” and “Pegaso” are receiving the best critics and awards from all music magazines.

La Galania

Formed by Raquel Andueza and Jesús Fernández Baena in 2010, La Galanía quickly established itself as one of the most important groups of the Spanish music scene.
The ensemble is specialised in Baroque music from the 17th and 18th century. Their performances are always based on meticulous historical research and are realised together with the best Spanish and foreign musicians, busy in this sort of repertoire. All the members of the group are also taking part in diverse other globally recognised orchestras and prestigious groups, such as Hespèrion XXI, Al Ayre Español, L’Arpeggiata, Orquesta Barroca de Sevilla, Private Musicke, and the Orchestra of the Age of the Enlightenment amongst others. The core of the group is soprano Raquel Andueza, who regularly is invited to the world’s most important auditoriums and festivals.

La Galanía made its very successful debut at Pamplona Cathedral with Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater. Henceforward the group quickly began to appear at the most prestigious auditoriums and festivals all over the world, including the National Auditorium of Music of Madrid, RheinVokal Festival in Germany, Kultur-Casino Bern, Konzerthaus Berlin, WDR Symphony Orchestra Cologne, Saint- Michel-en-Thiérache Abbey, MA Festival Bruges, Royal Palace of La Almudaina in Palma de Mallorca, Aranjuez Festival, Panama City Early Music Festival, Donostia-San Sebastián Musical Fortnight, Festival Van Mechelen, Moscow International Christmas Festival, Bogotá Sacred Music Festival, and Innsbruck Festival amongst others.

In January 2011 their first recording Yo soy la locura was published on the record label Anima e Corpo. Since its release, the album has been enjoying great success in terms of sales and reviews and it was unanimously conferred the Festclásica award by the Spanish Association of Classical Music Festivals in 2011. In July 2013 the group released Alma Mia, a compilation of the most beautiful opera arias and cantatas by Antonio Cesti, which is also receiving enthusiastic reviews and accolades from the press. In 2014 their youngest recording, Pegaso was released on Anima e Corpo. The next CD, Yo soy la locura 2, will be appear in 2015.