The Journees de musiques Anciennes is shining a light on the musics of the Middle Ages and Renaissance: these repertoires so sophisticated and at the same time so innovative, sublimely interpreted by internationally acclaimed ensembles. It take place every year in Vanves, at the end of November.

Three days, five concerts, the biggest trade show of early lutherie in Europe, a colloquium of musicology, an international competition for a festival not like the others: atypical place of musical excitement, the public becomes an actor of the world of early music.

The trade show takes place in three of the most beautiful rooms of the city. Luthiers, musicians and discoverers can meet in an informal atmosphere, to see and try instruments.

Concerts are given, in the afternoon and in the evening, to the theater, to the conservatoire and in the churches of the city.

L'Ode, the conservatoire of Vanves will welcome the colloquium of musicology during three days.

The Journées de musiques anciennes also suggest sharing precious moments about music and musicians: discovery workshops, master classes, musical sessions in coffees, surprises and animations …

Major event of early music in France, the festival  is a member of REMA, European early music Network.

Les Journées de musiques anciennes proposent également de partager des moments précieux autour de la musique et de ses interprètes : ateliers de découverte, master-classes, sessions musicales dans les cafés, les surprises et animations…

Événement incontournable des musiques anciennes en région parisienne, le festival des Journées de musiques anciennes est membre du REMA, le Reseau européen de musiques anciennes.